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LNP Corruption Reference Guide

To be completed:
This thread contains a list of all LNP confirmed, suspected and alleged corruption, wrongdoing and failings both political and ethical.
If you would like to post any suggestions with links please DM me or post them here.


Federal Liberal and National Parties - Morrison Government
NSW Liberal and National Parties - Berejiklian Government
Specific to LNP NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian
Queensland Liberal and National Parties
Victorian Liberal and National Parties


Federal Liberal and National Parties
NSW Liberal and National Parties
Queensland Liberal and National Parties
Rupert Murdoch


Federal Liberal and National Parties
South Australian Liberal and National Parties
NSW Liberal and National Parties
Rupert Murdoch


Federal Liberal and National Parties
NSW Liberal and National Parties
Rupert Murdoch


Federal Liberal and National Parties
NSW Liberal and National Parties
QLD National Party
Western Australian Liberal and National Parties
Tasmanian Liberal and National Parties


Federal Liberal and National Parties
QLD National Party


Federal Liberal and National Parties
NSW Liberal and National Parties
South Australian Liberal and National Parties
QLD National Party
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"GATES ARE OPEN! The crowd has started rolling in here at McDonald Park in #Wagga Come down and see some great curtain raiser Rugby. #Brumbs2016 #battleforwagga" (instagram)

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A Course of Action Part 23 - Here’s one I prepared earlier!

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Wagga Wagga War Cemetery, Australia. 2036 A.D. X-Day: X + One Week.
The weather, unsurprisingly, was hot and sunny. A beautiful day, in general, which stood in stark contrast with the morbid procession that wound its way into the cemetery. A dry heat seemed to stifle every member of the funeral procession, but Captain Black and the other five soldiers that had been selected as Sergeant Grey’s pallbearers sweated it out. After all, they had seen worse.
“Fellow soldiers,” the churchman in charge of the service, Task Force Bravo's chaplain, read, “We are gathered here today to…”
Black didn’t pay much attention to the speech as he and the others lowered their fallen comrade’s casket into the freshly dug grave. He had the dubious honour of having heard it before.
“And so, we commit our fallen comrade’s body to the earth,” the preacher intoned, as dirt was shovelled onto the grave, “For the Lord gives and the Lord takes away… ashes to ashes, dust to dust…”
Black straightened his dress uniform and looked around. Several members of Task Force Bravo were here, in their non-U.N. capacities of course. Black had once again taken up the moniker of ‘Captain Conrad.’
It felt odd to be called by his proper name after so many months of being known by his U.N. code-name.
‘I suppose my own identity has become another casualty of this war,’ he thought wryly as the preacher finished his sermon.
Black gazed at each member of the funeral procession. There was Lieutenant Ochre, Sergeant Green, and other soldiers. Sergeant Grey’s family was there. His parents, distraught at having to bury their own son. Black frowned when he saw the next two members of the gathering: Grey’s widow and their young son.
‘It isn’t fair’, he thought, ‘that a man like Grey, should be struck down like this in the prime of his life.’
Prime was a relative term, for none of the Task Force Bravo members were exactly young. But Grey was younger than some of the soldiers that stood around the grave, grieving silently for their fellow soldier.
The funeral ended as a 21-gun salute was given for the dead man, before the party dispersed. Captain Black stood by Grey’s grave for a bit longer, examining it.
JUNE 6TH 1999 – APRIL 10TH 2036 A.D.’
“I’m sorry, son,” a voice spoke from over his shoulder. Black whirled around, coming face-to-face with General Henderson.
“Sir!” he saluted. Henderson returned the gesture.
“I understand you still have to bury Corporal Br… Corporal Smith?” he asked. Black nodded.
“Yes sir,” answered the Captain, “His funeral is tomorrow in Durban. We’re flying out this evening.”
Henderson nodded.
“Well, Captain, when you get back, I have another job for you,” he said, “Dr Simmons is demonstrating some of the new weapons his team has come up with. You’ve been invited to participate in one of the tests.”
“I’ll think about it, sir,” Black replied, “I’ll get back to you as soon as I can after the funeral tomorrow.”
Henderson nodded.
“Good. Just don’t take too long,” he answered.
Top-Secret Research Facility, Unknown Location, Earth. 2036 A.D. One Week Later. X-Day: X + 2 weeks.
Dr Simmons looked around at the crowd gathered in the viewing gallery, made up of the usual generals, admirals and politicians. They were all looking with keen interest at the items on display for them. On the other side of the vast window they were all gawking through, was the main testing floor. And on that floor stood what promised to be the greatest infantry weapon since the invention of the machine gun.
Captain Black stood on the test floor, examining the creation before him. The object was an exoskeleton, similar in design and function to the ones tested by various governments around the world. Those programs, however, had failed because of a lack of funding and the fact that there was no way to provide enough power for mobile combat operations.
Dr Simmons was busy explaining how his machine was different.
“This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Mark One SPARTAN-class Advanced Support Platform, or ASP.”
Black chuckled at the name. Someone, obviously, had been playing more than a few video games for inspiration.
“The suit, as you can see, looks no different to existing infantry exoskeletons,” Simmons continued. That was true. From what Black could see, the suit was made up of a basic metal frame, with clamps to hold the wearers arms and legs into place. The torso area was built like a roll-cage, with what appeared to be mounting points for armour plating. At the back of the exoskeleton was a backpack, with wires trailing out of it and plugging into sockets on the arms and legs.
“But, as they say, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” the doctor had a sly look on his face as he prepared to unveil his secret, “For this exoskeleton not only contains Consortium-built power cells, which give it a nearly-unlimited range, but is also equipped with the new Mark Seven Gravitational Field Generator.
There were murmurs and exclamations from the crowd.
“You heard me right, ladies and gentlemen,” Simmons said, going the whole hog with his salesman routine, “This exoskeleton is capable of exerting an artificial gravity field around itself and the wearer. This means that no matter the terrain or natural gravity, our soldiers will be able to operate in perfectly normal Earth gravity!”
‘Well, he’s got me sold,’ Black admitted privately, ‘And if X-Day was anything to go by, I’d wager the good Doctor has the backing of the entire U.N. Infantry force.’
“Captain Black,” Simmons now addressed him from his perch in the observation lounge, “Would you be so kind as to test out the ASP?”
Black nodded and walked up to the suit. Some technicians helped him into it and strapped his limbs to the frame.
“Keep in mind that this is only a prototype,” Simmons commented, “If this goes into production, later models will be much easier for the wearer to equip. Once they have the correct training of course,” he added.
Black merely watched as one of the technicians put a bulky helmet over his head. The helmet looked like a high-tech, science-fiction version of a normal combat helmet, with wires snaking out of it that plugged into the backpack. The goggles, he noticed, appeared to be Augmented Reality goggles. When the helmet was fastened, one of the technicians flicked a switch, and the goggles burst to life. Black’s eyes were assaulted by a flood of information as displays, menus, tactical information and other data flew onto the screen.
One of the technicians noticed his discomfort and tapped a few buttons on an iPad. Most of the widgets vanished, except for a radar screen, some icons that looked like they represented weapons, and some other information. Black also saw that when he looked around the testing bay, the goggles highlighted various objects as well as the people in the viewing gallery.
“What do you think, Captain?” asked Simmons, from his perch in the observation gallery.
“It’s very impressive,” he said, not slightly in awe, “But the HUD will take time getting used to. I’ll try to walk around.”
He, much to his surprise, effortlessly lifted his foot and placed it in front of the other. He did it with the other foot and managed to easily walk around the bay.
“Good work!” praised Dr Simmons, “Try running.”
Black obliged, doing several laps of the bay, without feeling the slightest amount of exertion like he normally would.
“How do you feel?” asked the doctor when he had stopped, “Are you tired?”
“No sir,” replied Black, a grin imprinting itself on his face, “I’ve never felt better.”
He heard applause echoing from the gallery.
“Splendid!” said Simmons, “Now, for the final test: The weapons demonstration.”
One of the technicians gave Black an assault rifle. The captain grabbed it and turned it over in his hands. From what he could tell, it was just an ordinary M4 carbine. As he hefted it, he noticed that it was slightly bulkier and heavier, but that was mitigated by the exo-skeleton.
“The weapon the good Captain is currently holding is a specially-modified M4A1 assault rifle,” Simmons gave his commentary, “It features a suite of electronic sensors that link up with the helmet, displaying the remaining ammunition in the gun, wind conditions and other data.”
As the doctor listed off each item, the corresponding widget blinked onto Black’s HUD. It was very similar to that found in a video game, with ammunition in the bottom right corner, a radar in the bottom left corner. Weather data projected itself in the top left, while a small square labelled ‘MAP’ sat in the top right.
“The gun also features a smart-scope,” Simmons was saying, “Which allows the operator to aim the gun accurately, without needing to bring it up to eye level. The tactical advantages of this are immediately obvious”.
A crosshair appeared in the centre of the screen.
“Captain Black, could you please demonstrate?” Simmons asked. Some technicians set up a target at the other end of the testing bay. Black Fixed his gaze on the target, centring the crosshair.
“To activate the smart-scope, press the knob on the top of the sight,” Simmons advised.
Black did so. The image on his goggle changed to a facsimile of looking down the sights of his rifle. Aiming at the target, Black pulled the trigger. A burst of rifle fire flew downrange and struck the target, hitting it dead centre. The Captain fired a few more bursts, before one of the technicians signalled him to stop.
“Good work Captain!” Simmons congratulated him. Black heard General Henderson ask something.
“Yes, the gun’s normal scope is still fully functional, in case the electronics are disabled by enemy action,” the doctor replied.
To Black, he said.
“Thank you, Captain, that will be all.”
Several minutes later, Black arrived at the observation lounge and joined the other members of the audience.
Dr Simmons was still at the front, looking very excited.
“And now, ladies and gentlemen, the pride and joy of my team! I present to you:” he said with a flourish, “The F-41 Starfighter II!”
Right on cue, triumphant music began playing from hidden speakers. The tune sounded familiar to Black, but he couldn’t quite place it.
A large hatchway in the centre of the testing bay slid open and a lift platform rose up from its place of concealment, stopping in line with the bay’s floor. It wasn’t the lift itself which caught Black’s attention, though, or that of the audience.
That honour was held by the fighter jet which perched itself on top of the platform, in full view for everyone to admire.
The airframe looked like a cross between the in-development F-39 Sixth-generation Stealth Fighter and an X-37 drone shuttle.
Dr Simmons began reading off the impressive specifications to the impressed audience. Most of what he was saying made no sense to Black, but he caught important phrases such as ‘space-capable’, ‘atmospheric cruising speed of Mach 7’, ‘Advanced integrated A.I. systems’, ‘completely invisible to radar and alien scanners’ and ‘VTOL capable’.
It all sounded very advanced; Black had to admit.
“Now,” Dr Simmons continued without missing a beat, “I know you’ll probably want some demonstration of its capabilities. Bearing in mind that this is a prototype, and we’re still ironing out some kinks in a few systems, we won’t be able to show you everything.”
He pressed a button on a table in front of him. With a hiss of pneumatics, the roof of the observation lounge slid open. Then, with a groan of hydraulic pistons, the floor began to raise! There was a murmuring of alarm from the assembled big-wigs and Black’s hand half went to his pistol.
“Don’t be alarmed!” Simmons reassured them, “We’re just going above ground, where we can see the jet in action.”
The surprise elevator passed through where the roof had been just moments ago and continued to rise up a tall shaft. Eventually, Black could see sunlight filtering through what looked like small windows and knew they was near the surface.
The lift stopped in a small bunker that just peeked over the ground. The only view of the outside was through the bunker’s thin slits of windows. Outside the bunker, all Black could see were miles upon miles of cornfields. He wondered if the base’s designer had had a sense of humour. Dr Simmons walked over to the left side of the bunker and opened a heavy steel blast door.
The wave of sunlight almost blinded Black, who had gotten used to the artificial lighting of the base beneath him.
“If you walk out here,” Simmons gestured to the open door, “You will be able to get a better view of the aircraft when it launches.”
Walking out through the door, Black took stock of his surroundings. The bunker was in a clearing in the middle of the cornfields. In front of the bunker was a large, steel cover that looked like the door to a nuclear missile silo. Climbing on top of the bunker using a conveniently placed ladder, Black could just see the tips of the building that marked the normal entrance to the base. Jumping back down, he paid close attention to Dr Simmons.
“The aircraft will do a quick demonstration of its capabilities,” the scientist re-iterated, “And then we’ll go back inside. There’s still one more thing I have to show you.”
Whining and clanking in protest, the hatch opened up and the F-41 rose upon its lift to ground level.
Black could see that there was now a pilot sitting in the cockpit, checking their instruments. Upon some kind of signal, they activated the anti-gravity drives aboard the fighter, allowing it to almost silently float off the launch pad.
The silence was broken by the high-pitched whine of an activating jet engine. As soon as the twin engines had spun up to full power, the pilot opened up the throttle. The advanced fighter shot through the sky, rapidly climbing until it was out of Black’s sight. Suddenly, it screamed overhead, flattening corn plants in its wake.
The pilot made a few more dazzling manoeuvres, before using the anti-grav systems to come to a complete stop in seconds. Black hoped the aircraft had inertial dampeners, or something, or the pilot would be turned into paste.
As shown by the F-41 making a gentle landing on the landing pad, the craft did have some sort of inertial dampeners. The aircraft was lowered back into its hangar and Doctor Simmons turned to the awestruck crowd.
“Well, that was impressive,” he said enthusiastically, “Now, would you please step back inside the bunker? There’s still one more thing to show you.”
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"McDonald Park in #Wagga is looking fantastic this afternoon. Make sure you get down at 3:30 for our open Captains Run. 🐴💪 #Brumbs2016 #battleforwagga" (instagram)

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"@brumbiesrugby will be holding an open Captains Run this afternoon at McDonalds Park in Wagga Wagga from 3:30. All are welcome!" (instagram)

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Raised but disowned and happy

So a bit of backstory. I'm Aussie and my mothers side is Scottish. My mother is amazing (AM) and my father (NF) is a narcissist who was raised my his narcissistic mother (NGM) who funnily enough still lives with him.
I was born with AM an NF still together but they were in a rocky 20 year long Marriage, since AM didn't realise NF was a narcissist until many years later. after a few years AM took some time separate from NF and saw some other men but eventually got back together with NF. A month before I turned six AM gave birth to my now sister (sis). But, soon after AM filed a divorce and was so mentally distraught she ran all the way to London (I don't blame her). Never felt like she abandoned sis and I, she organised Skype calls for us to see her on a regular basis and when I was 8 I got to travel with my mother's mother (GM) to visit AM for 3 weeks. It was during this time I realised I wanted to be a pilot.
Fast forward a few years and AM returns to Australia and lives sperately but close enough that NF and AM negotiate a shared parenting plan where they would change over each week. AM met another man (call him K), and soon before I began high school AM and K got a property together, a farm nearly 4 hours drive from where I was originally living. So now I could only see my mum one weekend a month. and even during all that I was visiting GM one weekend a month by my choice (remember this).
Now begins what was hell for me. High school was one of the worst things I had to experience purely because of NF. Every exam, big or class sized small, I'd be told off and ranted at for not doing good enough in NF's eyes. constantly talked down, belittled and verbally abused. NF knew I wanted to be a pilot and would use the phrase "If you don't get good marks then your dreams will quite literally fly out the window". As you can imagine this was gut wrenching, crying to sleep was a common occurrence. This was only in the first year of high school.
Something a bit more uplifting is that NF knew I liked the military and knew I wanted to be a pilot and I knew why he offered what he did. But, unfortunately for him, it didn't work the way he planned. He offered I join the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC). He wanted a more obedient and soldier like son that would do as his told and focus on work rather that play video games and other recreational activities. Now I agreed thinking it would be fun and what did I thing of the AAFC... well... I LOVED it. I've been out of the cadets for nearly 4 years as of the time of writing this and I miss it so much. By the time I was finished I rose to the rank of Cadet Flight Sergeant (CFSGT), have commanded over 50 cadets at a time, taught high school level classes (50 min periods with roughly 30 cadets ranging between the ages of 13 to 18) of Field craft and Survival, Was a drill instructor who specialised in a more advanced style of drill known as slow time marching and created an "author unknown" quote that slowly spread among the cadets across the state. That quote: "Though victory may be far, defeat will bring you closer". I made that quote when I failed a 2 week course at RAAF base Wagga Wagga and was the only one to fail out of the 30 other in my class, I was devastated but still hopeful and tenacious enough that though I could try again in 6 months I was reject twice and finally got to try again after a year and a half of waiting. And after only just passing my squadron staff held me back another two and a half months before I was promoted to Cadet Corporal. I developed a reputation for patience, endurance, willpower and determination. Cadets became my home away from home a place NF couldn't effect me and taught me valuable lessons in life the NF never did.
living with NF was still hell, he'd rant and rave about every small issue. It even escalated to the point that when I failed the before mentioned 2 week course he got angry when I got angry and pushed past him to go to my room to be left alone he put me in a headlock. And things only got worse when he met another woman, another narcissist (NM). Soon enough, they got married and now I had to deal with 3 narcissists in the house.
NM was a sly devil and convinced NF to stop my visitations to GM who at this point was a place for me to escape from NF. soon after GM took NF to court and a lot of changes were made and something interesting popped up. NF was a constant liar and so many stories were twisted and made that one of his lies became true. He believed I and sis were not his children, after a DNA test Unfortunately I was his but sis was not, so apparently shes my half sis but that doesn't change my love for her. I wasn't very vocal given how NF, NM and NGM would verbally pound me into the dirt to not say anything that would make them look like bad parents. So I said very little or lied when asked. Also, during this time I saw a psychologist that was able to identify and tell me NF is a narcissist. And it was around the same time AM learn't this as well.
My final year of high school was stressful given the nature of NF. Constantly pressured to get a high mark. But this was where this quickly got worse and slow got much much better. At this point I was heavily depressed where i would cut myself if I wasn't a coward about the pain. I just wanted to die a painless death. But that all changed in September of 2016. Preliminary exams had happened and all my results were under 20%. If NF knew about this I'd be up shit creek without a paddle and hailing golf balls. But, one night i was in my room playing some games to try and relax and and escape from this reality and then I hear a very loud knock on the door. I go to open it and as I do NF bursts it tells me the the next day he's taking my games away and being sent on a week long study camp for my Final exams. After all the ranting he left and I didn't care any more, I wanted to die and I didn't care how.
But something clicked that moment, the thought of all my friends and family that would miss me, those that love me and support me. I can't just abandon them, so I went to them for support and thank God my aunt (NF's sister who was outcast by NF) was able to pickup the phone and talk to me. She was and still is my God sent angel. After some talking I could calm down a bit and then called my best friend for support and recommend I sneak out in the early morning and take what I can. The only person that could help me with that was GM but she was asleep so in the early morning I called GM told what happened and she came rushing down to pick me up. I grabbed all I could and snunk out the back NF never heard me. NF did try to contact me but I sent one last email saying farewell and after some moving to live with AM who left K and started renting a house in a local town and leaving school everything was so much better.
So I didn't see or hear NF for roughly 3 and half years. But I felt like I never did say a proper goodbye and actually face my demons and prove to myself that I have the strength to face him. I've had nightmares of NF and being back under his thumb but after leaving him I was at least able to come out of my depression and be a lot happier. so I felt like I have the strength to face him after so long that I sent NF an email to meet at a park close to him and for it to be only him and I. And when the day came I recorded it on my phone so I could share with my family what I accomplished and when I sent the recording to AM she listened and made a transcript in text for me and here is the recording:
(Sorry its so long, had a lot of things to say)
"I’ll make two things clear. 1. I’m not here for a coffee. I’m not here to get back together or anything. I’m here to lift off the heavy burden that’s on my chest. On top of that I won’t be interrupted, I don’t want to hear anything, because I’ve already heard enough over 18 years of living with you. Second thing is, I don’t hate you, understand that. I’ve stopped hating you for a while. Instead I pity you, because honestly, after I stopped hating you, I started thinking why? Instead tried to understand and it was interesting looking back at the past. What I find interesting is that looking at photos of you as a kid, especially the one of you watering the little frog in the garden. THAT is my father, not the man sitting before me. Honestly, the thing is that, I really wish that we did have a proper working fatheson relationship. The problem is we can’t because I’m not your son and you’re not my father. Legally sure, but in my heart, NO. And I’d rather it stay that way because in the 18 years I lived with you I’ve been depressed, anxious, suicidal even. Problem is I never really cut myself or did any of those things because I was a coward. I didn’t want to feel pain, I just wanted it to end. The night I left, 3 years ago in September, two things were going to happen, one, I leave or two, My room has a new coat of paint for the walls, a red coat of paint from my neck because that night I had enough. I couldn’t stand it. I just wanted to be done with it. And I didn’t care how I died even if it had to be the most painful experience.
Fortunately enough, I left. I’m glad I did because I was able to start my life again and I felt so much better. I’m not going to disregard the times we spent together. We did have good times together and I will admit that. I remember times we went Kayaking, ice skating, all those good times. The problem was that I never felt any heart. It always felt like it was just something, like there was no love or anything in it, and I always feared what would come after, even in the good times. The thought of you even being near me. It always made me feel bad. I always hated it.
On top of that I really wish things could have been different. Hell you barely know anything about me now and I feel much better knowing that. Even though I wish that I could have a father to talk to, to say all these things I’ve done. You don’t know where I work, you don’t know what I do, you don’t even know of the fact that I am a Pilot. I was able to achieve being a pilot without your help. I paid for my course, I paid for my study, I paid myself, no help from anyone, and I’m proud of that. But I can’t be there and give you a call and say “Hey I’ve done this”. You’re not even going to be there for when I graduate, for when I get my CPL. I’d love to take my father out, go for a flight, just him and I. Show him the world that I now live in, but I can’t do that. That’s something I have to acknowledge and I know it’s something I won’t get and something I have to move on from. That’s why I’m here NF, I just want to move on, I don’t want to carry this person on my back with the rest of the luggage I have to carry. This person with a knife in my back, because that is honestly how I’ve felt about you for a very long time.
If you want some idea what I find interesting, when I looked into your past, it was interesting to see how you became the sort of person you are. My aunt was more close to [NF father]. Since you weren’t as close to him as she was you ended up being a lot closer to NGM.
From what I’ve learned, Helena wasn’t always the most wonderful of people. I remember my aunt telling me that she said to NGF that you needed help, you needed professional help, someone to talk too. From what I could tell, from what I’ve learnt is that you ended up, living a life that was very difficult, where you made terrible friends, people that tried to twist you into a personality that suits them and then you moulded to their specifications. You never really became your own person. From that I learned that you pretty much became a shadow of your own mother, a narcissist. Someone who just thinks of themselves, doesn’t really love others. Who opened my eyes to that was [Psychologist] of all people. Where NGF didn’t want you to go to get psychological help to open your eyes, luckily history didn’t repeat itself. My eyes where opened. [Psychologist] helped me the most. From how I described you, from how I felt living with you, she’s the one who told me that from my description of you, you’re a narcissist. Narcissists aren’t exactly great people. Selfish, Arrogant, Ignorant, self loving and they do anything and everything to those around them to make sure that their ego is above everyone else’s, and I was a product of that. I was your trophy, not a son. So from that, [Psychologist] was able to help me arm myself with the tools to at least fight back against you. To resist you and be able to not repeat history and become your shadow. What’s funny is that NM, is the same if not worse. Parasitic, latching on to those like yourself. She writes your emails and puts your name on them. so I don’t have any respect for NM either, and I regret the day that you showed me that ring and said you were going to marry her, and I regret that I didn’t say on that day, no you shouldn’t. She turned out so much worse, especially with her Munchhausen's syndrome with what she did to sis, It’s not right. But unfortunately, you never stuck up for her, you never went against it, you always went with NM's wishes and so she won. She became a vital part of the family because she became the heart and soul of it. As parasitic as she is. And here's the thing, I don’t believe you will ever change. Narcissists generally don’t. They don’t look into themselves. They don’t see the flaws in themselves and only think of themselves as their own god. I’ve seen that in you for so long. NOTHINGS WRONG WITH YOU NF. THAT’S EXACTLY HOW YOU SEE IT. Look, you’ve spent most of your life like this, I doubt you know any other way to do it. You’ll live like this and die like this, for all I know, when you do die like this, I’m not going to be there at your funeral. I won’t be there to lower you into your grave and I won’t be there to speak at your eulogy. No self respecting person would. It would be very dishonourable because honestly, what good do I have to say. I have nothing good to say in your eulogy. I might as well let those who THINK your good continue to think your good and at least give you some last form or dignity, last form of respect. I won’t be there because I’ve got nothing good to say.
You see another thing that I’ve learned is that you never really did listen. You always had to think of something to respond with, never take anything on board, just nod and think about what it is that you’re going to say next. That’s all it is. It’s really upsetting.
Like I said, you’re not going to change and I don’t expect it. I’m here to move on and it feels a lot better being able to get this off my chest. For three years, three and a half years I’ve been living good. It’s a shame. You know, I would liked to have gone for a bike ride together because I have my own bike (motorbike). Coincidentally it’s blue, (so is NF's). I wasn’t hoping for it to be blue but that’s what you get out of a second hand bike. I would have liked to have gone for a bike ride, go to the pub, have a drink, just have fun. Instead I do that with [best friend], cos he’s the only person along with a few others that I actually trust, that I actually care for.
Oh well. That’s reality. That’s how it is. So with that I guess we say farewell. Let’s pray we never see each other again, never talk, never hear from each other again. Because honestly, I’d rather it stay that way.
Good bye NF and good luck to you, because in the lifestyle your living you’re going to need every bit of luck you can get."
Now I was right about him never listening and never changing because out of spite he sends this in an email:
Well this ‘narcissist’ only turned up to help you get that off your chest and have you feel better. Doesn’t fit the description hey. Maybe rethink that diagnosis??
Please [OP] get professional help. You really need it as you are carrying feelings that will never bring you happiness. When you do resolve all those negative feelings I will be there for you. In the meantime please stay out of my life as what you have become no one would want to call family. I have a really happy life now. Goodbye
Honestly, this actually cheered me up and made me laugh as to how immature he is. Sometimes I forget I'm related to him and the only thing I fear now is becoming like him.
After that day I've felt so much better and now any dream I have of him I'm the one on top I'm the one in charge and he can't do shit. I've proven my strength and I know I am strong and capable to live happily in my own life.
Today I'm a pilot and still in my course and yet to get my Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), I have a lovely Girlfriend and the only troubles I face now are death, course fees, rent and taxes.
I posted this as a message to those under the iron rule of such monsters. As a possible inspiration and show of support. good things can come and happen when they are not there and no longer in your life. they will never change so you don't have to, just let them fester on their own and learn to be happy on your own.
If anyone comes across this post and knows someone that's suffering similarly then show them this, show them there is a light at the end of the tunnel and everything can be better they just need to hold out and when the opportunity comes, run.
If any Reddit readers on YouTube find this then please emphasise the message. Help is out there and people do love you and you are a strong and wonderful person you were just dealt a shit hand but like me in the end I left with a royal flush and the entire pot.
"Though victory may be far, defeat will bring you closer" - Former CFSGT AussieScotsman12
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Eden-Monaro by-election information and megathread. 🗳


Saturday 4 July 2020
Eden-Monaro by-election
ListenListen with webReaderFocus
There will be in-person and postal voting options available for this by-election and it is important to plan how you will cast your vote according to your personal circumstances. Information is available for People with disability or mobility restrictions.

Do I need to vote in the by-election?

If you are enrolled in the federal electoral division of Eden-Monaro, you will be required to vote in this by-election.
The division of Eden-Monaro is located in NSW and covers areas surrounding the ACT, including both coastal and rural localities.

Who are my candidates?

Candidates (14) in ballot paper order


Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

2. JANSSON, James

Science Party


Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

4. HOLGATE, James


5. HICKS, Trevor

The Nationals

6. McCRAE, Dean

Liberal Democrats

7. ANGEL, Joy


8. McBAIN, Kristy


9. BOSI, Riccardo


10. PORTER, Karen


11. GRIFF, Cathy

The Greens

12. STOREY, Narelle

Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

13. POTTER, Jason

Australian Federation Party

14. KOTVOJS, Fiona


Where can I vote early?

Early voting centres

If you are eligible and unable to cast your vote on by-election day you can vote at an early voting centre.
Opening dates and times vary, so please check the details. All times are in AEST.


Show details


Show details

Canberra City

Show details


Show details


Show details


Show details


Show details


Show details


Show details


Show details


Show details


Show details


Show details

Alternatively you can vote at the following divisional offices

Office(s)Opening timesEden-Monaro
Haymarket Wollongong Wagga Wagga Goulburn

Postal voting

If you are unable to get to a polling place you can apply to vote by post.

Overseas voting

There will be no overseas voting centres for the Eden-Monaro by-election. See overseas voting options.

Where can I vote on by-election day?

Polling places open at 8am and close at 6pm sharp.


Adaminaby Memorial Hall


Adelong Services & Citizens Club


Araluen Federal Hall


Batlow Technology School


Bega High School


Bega Showground Hall


Bega Valley Public School


Bemboka Memorial Hall


Bermagui Community Centre


Berridale Community Hall


Binalong Public School


Bodalla Public School


Bombala High School


Bowning Community Hall


Braidwood Central School


Braidwood Regional Arts Centre


Bredbo Public School


Brogo Public Hall


Bungendore Public School


St Mary's Hall


Candelo Town Hall

Captains Flat

Captains Flat Community Hall

Central Tilba

Central Tilba School of Arts


Cobargo School Of Arts


Cooma Public School

Cooma North

Cooma North Public School


Queanbeyan High School


Queanbeyan West Public School


Dalmeny Community Hall


Delegate Public School


Eden Marine High School


Eden Public School


The Anglican School


Gundaroo Public School


Jerrabomberra Public School


Memorial Hall


Queanbeyan South Public School


Khancoban Visitor Centre

Majors Creek

Majors Creek Recreation Hall


Merimbula Public School


Merimbula RSL Club


Michelago Public School


Murrumbateman Recreation Grounds Hall


Narooma Sport and Leisure Centre


Nimmitabel Public School


Pambula Public School

Perisher Valley

National Parks & Wildlife Offices


Quaama Public School


116 Monaro St


QPRC Indoor Sports


Queanbeyan Masonic Centre


Queanbeyan Presbyterian Church Hall


Queanbeyan Public School

Queanbeyan East

Queanbeyan East Public School


Rosewood Public School


Sutton Public School


Talbingo Public School


Tanja Public Hall


Tathra Public School

Thredbo Village

Thredbo Community Centre


Towamba Public School


Tumbarumba High School


Tumut High School


Tumut Public School

Tura Beach

Tura Murrang Library


Wamboin Community Association Hall


Wolumla Memorial Hall


Wyndham Public School


St Clements Church Hall


Yass High School


Yass Memorial Hall
Polling places will not be available outside the electoral division of Eden-Monaro on by-election day.

Key dates

Issue of writ
Thursday 28 May
Postal vote applications open
Monday 25 May
Close of rolls
8pm AEST Thursday 4 June
Close of nominations
12 midday AEST Tuesday 9 June
Declaration of nominations
12 midday AEST Wednesday 10 June
Early voting starts
Monday 15 June
Postal vote applications close
6pm AEST Wednesday 1 July
By-election day
Saturday 4 July
Return of writ
on or before Saturday 5 September

Temporary by-election work

The AEC maintains a register of people who may be offered temporary work during elections, including by-elections. If you wish to be considered for work for the Eden-Monaro by-election please submit an online registration of interest.

Electoral communication

Political parties, candidates and others involved in the election process are likely to distribute campaign material outlining policies and recommending who to vote for. These political campaigning activities are an important part of the election process, enabling voters to appropriately inform themselves ahead of casting their vote.
As with all communication it is important to stop and carefully consider whether the campaigning material you receive is reliable, current and safe. Who you vote for is entirely your choice.

COVID-19 safety measures

The AEC is factoring in the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment into our provision of voting services and throughout the broader by-election process.
For this by-election, we are implementing a range of safety measures, consistent with advice sought from government health authorities. This will include guidance for voters regarding appropriate social distancing and hygiene in the polling place. Hand sanitiser will be available and voting screens will be regularly cleaned by AEC staff.
Updated: 18 June 2020

Key links

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The Big Game-2: In the Chamber of Secrets.

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*Another reminder - this is a translation, I am not the author. The link to the original page can be found in the link above.

Sharing the addiction
So at this point we’re forced to admit that the BG theory is corrupting our weak souls quite a bit - we are tempted to see every tiniest event in the books as the result of the Big Game. Unfortunately, when Dumbledore’s omniscience becomes too god-like we may as well stop with the analysis altogether. With this kind of attitude you can interpret every single action of every single character as a result of the skilled games of the cunning, omnipotent, omnipresent Dumbledore (a known Hogwarts saying: “When Sprout is planting Mandrakes, be sure the Headmaster is expecting a Basilisk…”).
However Rowling’s position is very clear - Dumbledore is not Gandalf, he only works as one part-time. But no, seriously, he’s only a man, like every other character in the books, and he’s not always right. He knows some things (many things) but he’s not aware of others. Sometimes he does the right thing, and sometimes not so much. Attributing omniscience to him is not a productive way of thinking. And if we start analysing his games, we have to honestly try and understand where he was weak, ridiculous or mistaken.
That’s one side of the question.
On the other side - Dumbledore is, undoubtedly, the most closed off character of the saga. And to be completely honest, the authors of this piece are either not clever enough or don’t have enough hints to know for sure where, when and what exactly he knows/doesn’t know.
So after having discussed it at length, the authors decided to operate assuming a minimal level of Dumbledore’s knowledge. We will only consider that he knows about something if we can find text confirmation that there’s no way he could possibly not know. However, we have to warn you that the authors are weak creatures with a tendency to get carried away and try and explain certain events from the point of view of a beautifully fitting theory that is not confirmed by any text clues. But we promise to try and work on ourselves and to make the trusting readers aware if we do go into proofless theory making right after we have written it down.
It goes without saying that once books 6 and 7 are out (*translator's note - the text was written just after OotP was released) Dumbledore’s minimal level of knowledge will go up (did anyone have any doubts?). However that doesn’t stop or scare the authors. By no means do we claim to know the truth, we’re only suggesting a certain concept that, in our opinion, helps explain certain discrepancies in a logical way. At the same time this concept allows us to find a second (really powerful and deep) layer in Rowling’s saga… But we will get back to that later.
And aside from all that, the authors are just really interested.
The last thing we’d like to warn about is that with every book the BG stops being that important as just the Big Game alone. Rowling’s world is built in a way where, once you find the hidden springs behind the events, you also learn a lot about the nature of human relationships. And by the way, the roles get somewhat reversed - it’s not the BG that allows us to understand people in it better, it’s people that give us clues as for what the BG might be.
At the end of the day, what is BG if not working with people?
So we can’t possibly analyse the CoS without deciphering the actions, characters and talking about certain people in particular. And in the PoA it will be simply impossible.
You have been warned.
Pre-game set: Private Drive
This time the Dursleys deserve… well if not pity then at least an attempt at understanding. It’s not enough that they’re terrified of Harry with his magic abilities. There’s also the owl that won’t let them sleep, and uncle Vernon still has a job to get up for. There’s also a broomstick, that the evil relatives locked in the cupboard under the stairs and Harry’s thoughts on the topic are very bitter: “What did the Dursleys care if Harry lost his place on the House Quidditch team because he hadn't practiced all summer?” Erm… did the boy plan to casually fly around Little Whinging while practising? At this point you could at least try to see the adults’ point of view who decidedly locked all your equipment away.
And if the Dursleys were unhappy to have him back for the holidays, it was nothing to how Harry felt”. Fair enough - from Harry’s point of view. But Rowling’s world is not limited to one viewpoint. What if we look at it from another perspective? Say: “Harry felt rather unhappy about spending the summer with Dursleys, but it was nothing compared to the horror the Dursleys themselves felt”. That’s Rowling’s favourite game right here - the reader is used to automatically taking the side of the protagonist, however there are plenty of other ways to see the situation if you care to look…
Let’s try and take an unbiased look. The Dursleys are clearly on edge, very highly strung. All of them, but uncle Vernon in particular - he treats Harry “like a bomb that might go off at any moment”. Naturally, it’s unpleasant for Harry, but how is it for his uncle? For a person who is not very smart and easily agitated it’s only too easy to start going mad after spending a summer with a bomb that’s about to go off…
As a side note - the bomb does explode in the end.
The general tendency is as follows - the Cinderella story gets closer and closer to real life with each following book. The evil stepmother and stepsisters stop seeming so unambiguously evil. Vernon, for example, in later books becomes ridiculous rather than repulsive. Same applies to Petunia and Dudley, who look absolutely comical rehearsing their behaviour before the Masons’ arrival. Yes, to a 12-year old Harry his relatives may seem like an embodiment of all evil intriguing. But actually the Dursleys are really bad at intrigue of any kind - they’re generally quite naive and simple people, though of course annoyingly narrow-minded. Well it does happen. Not the worst sin in the world.
And after the OotP we can’t forget that Petunia doesn’t refuse Harry shelter in her home, though reluctantly, but she does tolerate him in her cosy nest. Which essentially saves her nephew’s life.
Cinderella also begins to lose her storybook perfection. The boy is unforgiving and is not willing to try and make peace with the Dursleys - he prefers to get his revenge: “For the first couple of weeks back, Harry had enjoyed muttering nonsense words under his breath and watching Dudley tearing out of the room as fast as his fat legs would carry him. But the long silence from Ron and Hermione had made Harry feel so cut off from the magical world that even taunting Dudley had lost its appeal”. And there’s some foreshadowing here too.
Harry’s suffering is, naturally, absolutely real and justified. Even a letter from Draco would make him happy at this point. Ah, master Malfoy-junior misses his chance again. Instead of annoying his dad with his constant whining about Harry (“Harry is more liked at school than I am… He was given a Nimbus and I wasn’t…”), he should’ve written a friendly letter. And send it with his own house elf - Harry would’ve definitely got that one.
But joking aside, Harry is not just missing school - he is missing the place where he is famous: “Harry had taken up his place at wizard school, where he and his scar were famous ... but now the school year was over, and he was back with the Dursleys for the summer, back to being treated like a dog that had rolled in something smelly”. This is all natural and naive, however naive regrets just like this one can give rise to some very nasty things later on.
And also the boy is expecting happy birthday wishes from the Dursleys. He’s convinced that the changes in his life will bring forth the change in Dursleys’ attitude towards him… He’s such a child still.
Meanwhile life doesn’t stop in the magic world - and it would be strange to expect it to.
Pre-game set: The Big Game.
If the GB of the first year was completed just as planned, BG-2 had to be modified significantly due to some external interference. However, we believe we have enough data to identify at least one of the goals of the initial version of the Game.
It is clear that the Headmaster is concerned about Harry’s sudden rise to glory after ten years of Dursleys’ ill-treatment. And indeed, a change like that can have quite a negative effect on an unstable psyche of a teenager. So Dumbledore’s plans include a convincing demonstration of where an untamed desire for fame and glory can lead one. And that is why Gilderoy Lockhart, a person who is grotesquely in love with himself, becomes Harry’s DADA teacher for his second year of school.
You can’t fail to notice that at the same time Dumbledore is completely undermining the DADA learning process for the second year in a row. Well maybe Quirrell did still know something, but all Lockhart can really do is introduce the moving pictures of himself to the classroom.
"Nice loud howl, Harry - exactly - and then, if you'll believe it, I pounced - like this - slammed him to the floor - thus with one hand, I managed to hold him down - with my other, I put my wand to his throat -I then screwed up my remaining strength and performed the immensely complex Homorphus Charm - he let out a piteous moan - go on, Harry - higher than that - good - the fur vanished - the fangs shrank - and he turned back into a man. Simple, yet effective - and another village will remember me forever as the hero who delivered them from the monthly terror of werewolf attacks."
The bell rang and Lockhart got to his feet.
"Homework - compose a poem about my defeat of the Wagga Wagga Werewolf! Signed copies of Magical Me to the author of the best one!"
Poor fifth- and seventh-year students.
Very similar to the Ender’s Game, really. Let’s hope the system works here too, and the aims of the Big Game will involve at least something as important as saving the world.
Placing the chess pieces
As for the BG team, the same figures from the BG-1 will continue playing in the BG-2.
Snape did pretty well (well, taking into account the acute emotional reaction of Potter-junior, the success might’ve even been a bit over the top). The potions professor remains in play as an irritating and stimulating factor for Harry, takes unlimited part in the BG and likely is enjoying the largest degree of trust from the Headmaster - especially where the Game gets dangerous.
The situation with Hagrid is more complicated. The incident with the dragon seriously harmed his reputation in the children’s eyes and he will no longer be able to act as Harry’s confidant in this year’s BG. Harry still trusts him but doesn’t tell him everything any more, he considers him too simple and psychologically immature. In a few years Harry will adopt a similar attitude towards Sirius. The boy is pretty authoritative, he likes to lead…
McGonagall as the Head of Gryffindor is still mostly responsible for the external, official part of the BG. She’s controlling the areas of Harry’s Hogwarts life that are visible to everyone.
As for the enemy’s team, Voldemort himself is too weak at this point to really act out. Dumbledore is likely watching him move to Albanian forests and leaves him there under some observation, without worrying about him too much for now.
But he does have to worry about Lucius Malfoy.
The theme of Dumbledore’s and Lucius’s opposition will be constantly (though softly and subtly) reminded of throughout the second year of Harry’s studies. What happens between the Headmaster and Malfoy-senior is nothing other than a political confrontation. Lucius is acting with the goal to not just destabilise the Hogwarts situation, but also to remove Dumbledore from the Headmaster’s post and redistribute the power. In his own favour, undoubtedly.
It is worth noting that once politics enters the series, it never leaves again.
But for now it is all mostly behind the scenes. If you’re not specifically trying to, you won’t notice it.
Pre-game set: Political games.
Well, in the context of a children’s fairy tale the fight between Lucius and Dumbledore is bound to be ridiculous and unproductive. However, are we really still within the fairy tale context? If we look at it differently, can we see where the long and tense operation began, the result of which eventually was Dumbledore’s removal from his post, if only short-term?
It is unclear who makes the first move. We do not have any information about when Malfoy started creating his plan that so nearly succeeded. Dobby has only known about it for a few months. It is quite clear that Lucius, while avoiding contact with Voldemort’s remains directly, is clearly in constant communication with the imprint of Tom Riddle’s 16-year old personality on the pages of his diary, discussing the details of this year’s plan.
Lucius (and possibly Tom) are counting on the diary/Riddle getting inside Hogwarts with Malfoy’s help and then, being basically a parasite by nature, finding someone to leech off for blood/energy. Then they’ll open the Chamber of Secrets, get the Basilisk to attack the half-bloods (which Voldemort is too, btw), destabilise the situation inside the school and provide an opportunity for Lucius to finally remove Dumbledore from his post.
It is quietly assumed that the elderly grandpa Dumbledore is not in any state to stop the Basilisk.
The gains for Malfoy-senior are crystal clear. Why does Riddle want the plan to work is a more complicated question. Possibly just a long-awaited opportunity “so that one day, with luck, I would be able to lead another in my footsteps, and finish Salazar Slytherin's noble work”. We will take a moment to delight ourselves with the way the Dark Lord (in any of his shapes or forms) is always sharing his genius plans with the public, as well as the similarly genius ways of their execution. Very useful habit for us readers.
It is also possible that Riddle is trying to regain his physical form: we remember that the more energy he drains from Ginny, the closer he is to returning to the material world. Give us more Voldemotrs, evil and diverse!
Why does Lucius start acting this summer in particular? Possibly because he starts feeling the heat. Remember that while Harry is feeling miserable at Privet Drive, the Ministry is conducting raids on the ex-Death Eaters’ houses.
For some reason one of the active participants of that movement is Arthur Weasley, though his department doesn’t deal with anything like that. However for a well-informed Lucius there’s no doubt that Arthur is involved (“"Busy time at the Ministry, I hear," said Mr. Malfoy. "All those raids ... I hope they're paying you overtime?"”). And since the further we read, the more grounds we have to state for sure that Arthur is very much a Dumbledore's man, we suggest that it is Arthur who (as Lucius believes) is responsible for all those raids (at least in terms of reporting back to the Headmaster).
However, does Dumbledore really bring all this mess with the diary upon himself?
We doubt it. The political games in the OotP are always invariably subject to the BG’s interests, the completion of which (looking ahead) is the main goal of the greatest living wizard’s life. So how could the raids of ex-Voldemort supporters help?
There is, however, a person who is happy to distract the world from Dumbledore and put himself in the spotlight.
That is the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge.
After Harry’s fight with Voldemort last year (and we can be sure that the entire magical community will know about it via the parents of Hogwarts students) the finale of the PS can be seen as yet another one of Dumbledore’s triumphs over Voldemort. Could Fudge possibly be ok with it, with his vanity and fragile self-esteem (why does everyone think Dumbledore is cooler than me when I’m the Minister, not him??)? Never. A politician always thinks about how he looks in his electorate’s eyes, and now is exactly the time when Fudge needs to find something to make himself look good. If the masses are against Voldemort, then it would be prudent to make a loud and clear move against the Dark Lord’s supporters. Right up to the raids.
Lucius is, undoubtedly, one of Fudge’s mates due to his generous donations. However, if even Lucius is angry and scared enough to start getting rid of some suspicious possessions, it means the Minister means business. Simply put, Malfoy-senior is not totally convinced he’d be able to buy his way out of it. Fudge is not particularly interested in friendship or justice, these things are way too abstract for him. But to be fair to the Minister - bribes are also not a deal breaker for him. He is only genuinely concerned about one thing - keeping his post to himself.
Coming back to Arthur Weasley, he is likely taking part in the raids because of his own personal convictions (“"We have a very different idea of what disgraces the name of wizard, Malfoy"”). However if we remember that next year he will be as passionately involved in catching Sirius Black (and that’s definitely not part of his Ministry job role) we can’t help but ask: could it be that Dumbledore is not only interested in his man working at the Ministry, but also being directly involved in the cases that the Headmaster takes an interest in?
So, everyone’s busy with something.
Fudge is covering his bases. Lucius, feeling like he’s been cornered, is getting ready to attack. The Headmaster is watching from the school with the help of (we think) Arthur Weasley.
None of these people, who are certainly thinking of themselves as the elite of the magical world, bother to notice what is going on with the little, unnoticeable, unimportant creature, such as Malfoys' house elf Dobby.
Next part here
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[National - 25th - Post 1] Gregor opens up his campaign for the Senate in Newcastle

Timed perfectly with the announcement from the Liberal National Party, Gregor steps onto a podium within a hall in Newcastle with banners and signs all around him from a combination of his time as an Independent candidate and MP to modern day Country Labor Party symbolism. Gregor is in the room with a select few staffers and socially distanced members of the public to provide cheering and other support to Gregor's speech. All throughout however are cameras, whether from major news organizations or from Country Labor Party dialogue organizers and social media organizers, they all are trained exactly on Gregor in a red suit with a white shirt underneath.
"Hello Australia, while I speak up here now we have the Prime Minister and the Liberal National Party throwing their big campaign launch with pre-prepared speeches, lines to feed their donors and no actual substance. I think it will be convenient then for the Country Labor Party to hold our conference at the same time, to present ourselves as an alternative to the Government and the Social Democratic Party and present ourselves firmly as one of Australia's strongest third parties.
Today, Australia is beset with a plague. A plague which results in the fact that 1 in every 3 Australians live in regional or rural areas and they have barely got access to many of the basics needed to prosper. They live and put up with outdated healthcare, lack of educational opportunities, Government intervention into their very ways of living and countless other programs which go against their interests. To this day, we have only two MPs in Parliament which I have seen be permanently dedicated to their electorates and have consistently stayed true to their electorate even far off from campaign time. Those members are showstealer down in Nicholls and SnecBoi in Mayo, my own deputy leader. Both of those individuals show a deep commitment to regional issues and regional Australia and both of them are exemplars to be upheld within our Parliament.
However, the overall issue is that they are two Members of Parliament out of the many who hold the balance of power within the House of Representatives. Far too many Members of Parliament are in it for their own egos and their own pocketbooks and Australia needs a party to stand up and say enough is enough.
Originally, this campaign was not planned to be a campaign for the Senate. Originally, I planned to contest for a seat within the House of Representatives. However, I came to the realization around two weeks ago that regional Australians and rural Australians as a whole have been forced time and time again to accept senators within their upper house of Parliament who represent exclusively the interests of the biggest cities in the state to the detriment of them. Think about it, when the biggest ciites hold such a voting block of power for these senators, there is no incentive for them to take that time to represent their community in Wagga Wagga or their community in Whyalla. That is when I realized that the Country Labor Party and myself needed to stand up for all regional and rural Australians and offer a voice for them in the race for the Senate. That is why I am running today, to become a Senator to inspire the confidence of regional Australia and to get to work to finally solve the issues which have been plaguing us for many years.
Already, the Country Labor Party name is getting a movement. While the Socialist Alternative oppose and virtue-signal for the sake of it while showing no actual real commitments in many fields and the Australian Democrats have become a joke, the Country Labor Party has offered itself as the proper third party to oppose the two major parties. While others twiddled their thumbs and politely say that the Governments actions are wrong, the Country Labor Party has been on that picket line leading the charge against a pattern of behaviour by this Government which goes unpunished. Which other party can boast to have firmly and decisively won a debate against both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition? Which other parties can prove that they stood before the two most powerful men in Australia and beat their ideas and policies in an open debate and proved their ideas are stronger?
Cause the Country Labor ideas are stronger. Our ideas are simple yet effective. The idea that regional and rural Australians shouldn't go to underfunded hospitals and subsist off outdated equipment. That regional and rural Australians should have access to high quality education. That regional and rural Australians in Agriculture and Dairy need to have specific provisions and schemes to help protect and support them. That elderly regional and rural Australians cannot be left behind. That is the moral basis and argument of the Country Labor Party and there is no finer party to achieve these goals than the Country Labor Party.
Our schemes are bold and decisive. We want 85,000 new jobs in regional Australia by 2024, we want to implement PBHN and RDHI schemes to give Australians a fair go, we want a Provincial Agriculture Scheme to invest in Agricultural efficiency and employment, we want a Primary Industries Council to let their voices be heard in Government, we want to cut GST on fertilizer and other goods which boost efficiency in agriculture, we want to fight for our service workers, we want $500 million to modernize our hospitals and we want so much more. The Country Labor Party has so many in-depth policies on so many subjects, each and every one is geared towards the reality in regional Australia.
Therefore, I hope that you will join us in casting your vote in the Senate for myself to represent you in the Senate and act as the voice for regional and rural Australia which it has lacked. I hope you will cast your vote for SnecBoi in Mayo and their good work for their community. I hope you will cast your vote for Lady_Aya in Capricornia and their fight for beef workers in Capricornia. Above all, I hope you cast your vote for the tried, tested and proven third party of Australia to hold the two broken parties to account. Thank you.
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Now anyone can move to Australia

Edit: for all the people concerned about the salary requirements (I got few PMs), do your research on Almost all jobs nationwide are there with salaries. $55k is very basic salary in Australia. No need to worry. Cleaners and unqualified factory workers make more than that. Some office admin positions - low skilled - may pay less than that.
Edit: For those asking what is a regional area and what isn't, Home Affairs explains it well here
Have you seen the new policy changes announced today? This could be exciting for many people. 3 years in regional area is not that bad for permanent residence. Then you can move anywhere after that. For a young person this could be a great option.
Not sure if links are allowed here so search on for : Federal Government launches new visa scheme requiring migrants to live in regional areas
This is an excerpt:
Aspiring Australians have been given a new way to realise their dreams — but there's a catch.
Key points:
New regional visas have launched this week, giving migrants in more occupations a chance to stay in Australia
Previous attempts to convince migrants to stay in regions have struggled for success
NSW is not ready to roll out the points-based visa and critics argue salary rules are too tough
Migrants need to commit to life in regional Australia for at least three years, according to the rules of new visas launched this week.
But if they can become part of a regional community, it opens to the door to permanent residency for overseas workers from a wider range of occupations than before — including real estate agents, call centre managers, actors, historians and even kennel hands.
Citizenship is generally available to migrants after four years on a permanent visa.
Immigration Minister David Coleman said Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were suffering significant population pressures, while smaller cities and regional areas were desperate for more skilled workers.
"By requiring migrants to live and work in regional areas for three years before they can get permanent residency, we are encouraging them to put down roots and settle in these areas long term," he said.
"That is what our smaller cities and regional communities need."
Small-town life
For some, like animal health researcher and recent migrant Forough Ataollahi, small-town living is not a problem.
"My friend kept saying you will get bored in Wagga because there's nowhere to go, none of the activities to do," she said.
"But when I got here, I fell in love with Wagga."
Although Ms Ataollahi has settled and is looking to buy a house, Professor James Raymer argues she is an exception.
Migrants in a regional or remote area have a "very low chance" of staying in that area, he said, and this pattern has been "very consistent over time".
Professor Raymer has led a team of Australian National University researchers to collect and refine almost 40 years of localised immigration data.
"Most migrants will leave [a region] within a five-year period — over half, if not 70 per cent — and if they're going to stay in Australia they're going to go to one of the big cities, probably Sydney or Melbourne," he said.
"What we actually see in the data, the chances of them leaving remote and regional areas has been increasing for a lot of the newer migrant groups."
New laws will give these new regional visa holders similar access to welfare and government services as permanent visa holders.
Together with the incentive of permanent residency, the Government hopes it can convince migrants to stay — even after they secure permanent residency and geographic restrictions no longer apply.

PHOTO Great Southern Electrical managing director Shaun Duffy has found it difficult to retain staff on visas.
Shaun Duffy, who runs Great Southern Electrical in Wagga, has found the migrant workers he has recruited often end up in the major centres, particularly the younger ones.
"Because we require technically trained people, it's quite difficult to get university-trained people or even vocationally trained people to stay in regional areas," he said.
"Infrastructure and services are the biggest things, particularly for people that are a little bit older, that are looking at raising a family here."
Rachel Whiting, chief executive of the Riverina Regional Development Australia office, said people generally want to go where there are better facilities.
"We try to encourage business to be really clear about what's in their location and assist migrants like they would any new employee to find their place and support them in resettlement."

PHOTO Riverina RDA chief executive Rachel Whiting is hoping migrants on new visas stay.
Rollout concerns
Some have identified hiccups in the rollout of the new visas.
The Northern Inland NSW branch of Regional Development Australia (RDA) — one of the country's many regional visa certifying bodies — revealed last week that the NSW Government has delayed commencement of nominations for the new points-based regional visa "until early 2020".
The Riverina RDA also confirmed it had not been given permission to launch in line with the availability of the new visas.
A spokesperson for NSW Treasury said "the NSW Government is carefully considering the nomination process for this new visa" and they will provide an update "at the appropriate time".
Even if migrants make it through three years in a regional town, another hurdle looms when it comes time to apply for a permanent visa.
The Migration Institute of Australia has criticised the decision to require regional-based migrants to earn $53,900 a year in order to qualify for permanent residency.
"While the Government is telling regional Australia it is listening to concerns about skills shortages, they are going to make it as hard as possible to fill them," institute president John Hourigan said
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Official - Neelix - Wagga Wagga On The Eighth Day, Wagga Open Air Festival ATTWG - The Gaarden, @ Cod Opening Lures 30thNov17 Compleat Angler Wagga Wagga Darkest Hour at Wagga Open Air Festival 2011

Wagga Wagga’s new Main City Levee Bank was officially opened today marking a significant upgrade to one of the city’s most important pieces of infrastructure. Works on the $23M project were completed in early March 2020 with the levee now capable of protecting the city against a 1 in 100 year flood event. The opening was performed by Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga Councillor Greg Conkey ... Opening Hours We love to showcase our work and most of our venues are open on a weekly basis, however every now and then we like to do something special. These are our opening hours, but our special events can be found on our Upcoming Events page. Station Museum Station Place, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 […] Don’t miss out on the latest… Don’t miss your chance to win, receive special offers, attend community events, get the latest recipes. Sign up below. Your official guide to accommodation, things to see and do, places to eat and short drives around the Wagga Wagga region. Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. Opening Hours and Available Services. Regular Opening Hours Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm Sat + Sun 10am - 4pm : Available Services: At present the library is operating with restricted visitor numbers (100 max), fewer chairs and no physical newspapers. Online newspapers are available here. All returned items are being quarantined for at least 72 hours before they go back on the shelves, and shared ...

[index] [2242] [3132] [3017] [2318] [777] [1295] [4283] [1535] [4756] [4979]

Official - Neelix - Wagga Wagga

On The Eighth Day, performing at Wagga Open Air Festival, on Mobile Stage Truck with Carnifex and Darkest Hour Shakira's official music video for 'Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)'. Click to listen to Shakira on Spotify: As fea... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Official - Neelix - Wagga Wagga YouTube Neelix - Smoke & Mirrors (Playful Edit New) [Official Audio] - Duration: 9:17. SpinTwistRecords 927,572 views Darkest Hour playing on Mobile Stage Truck at the Wagga Open Air Festival as part of their 2011 Australian Tour with Carnifex. Other bands included ON THE EIGHTH DAY, NEMESPHYXIA, AUTOMATA, I AM ... Alice Through The Windshield Glass, live @ Wagga:Open:Air playing 'The Gaarden' off the upcoming album 'Brutalis Australis'